Saturday, December 16, 2006

Old Year's Resolutions

One of the avowed purposes of this blog was to keep a record of how things were going with the writing lark, and it occurs to me that I have been rather lax in following this up. So...

(Cautionary note: The day job has gone ballistic at the moment - the season of advent madness being one of our busiest times - so I'm writing this in a state of almost-complete knackeredness. One personality quirk that I have discovered over the years is that exhaustion breeds verbosity in me, or at least pomposity and the ability to sound as if I have swallowed a thesaurus. So apologies for the somewhat tortured style that probably follows).

At the moment, I have only got one short story 'out there' - sitting, I hope happily, with Greyfriars Press after their call for stories for a film-themed anthology. I quite like the piece and, if Greyfriars don't want it, I think I'll try to do something else with it. Otherwise, I have been going back through various older stories with a newly critical eye, sorting out those that I want to try sending out in the New Year and deciding which ones could do with that extra polish (or, in one case, a complete re-write).

I've also been re-working little bits of a short novel (73,000 words) called Otherkin with an eye to sending this out to a few areas in the New Year. This modern-suburban-werewolf-murder-mystery, as I like to think of it, has been fiddled with and polished for so long now I'm starting to lose track of it. The latest ammendments are as a result of sending it out to John Jarrold's scriptural editing service a few months back - the feedback was extremely useful and I have spent quite a bit of time and effort working on the book. But to be honest, I have to leave it alone now. I'm itching to start the sequel to it - Alpha, a modern-urban-werewolf-western (sorta) - and I think that is where I need to concentrate my energies now.

Other than that, I have submitted the opening few chapters of Once: A Belmouth Tale (the famed boomerang book mentioned in the first posting) to Snowbooks and we'll see if anything comes of that.

I'm painfully aware that I need to get more done, but I also recognise that there are only 24 hours in the day and yesterday, for example, I was working for 16 of them. Hey ho. There's always next year...


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